I’m not sure…….I just don’t know.  Really, do you not know?  How could you NOT know?  Shouldn’t these things be easy to figure out?  Just think about it.  Come on now.  It’s not that hard.  Other people go through this all the time.  But wait…….It kind of IS a hard decision.  This could alter the course of my life, or someone I love.  I wouldn’t want to mess that up.  I have to make the right choice.  But what is the right choice?  I’m not sure…….I just don’t know.


These self inflicting conversations run in circles round and round through your head.  The conversation….all too familiar.  Gone over it 1,000 times before, but still no conclusions have been made.  Lying in bed wondering, why can’t I just decide SOMETHING?! But more importantly at that moment, why am I driving myself crazy!?


These are times where we are on the verge…… the times where we are frustrated, angry, losing sleep, and simply not happy with where we are.  We haven’t leapt off the cliff yet, and just stand there wondering if taking the leap, scaling the mountain slowly, or just turning around and walking away is the best decision to make.  And it IS hard.  We can stand on that cliff for days, weeks, or months staring down at the mysterious pool below and wondering if the leap will leave us in the depths of despair or swimming in the wellspring of success and opportunity.


There is something about uncertainty that is so unsettling.  We wish our lives could be set in stone, and all we have to do is look at the inscription and go from there.  But really, when you think about it, the only thing set in stone on our journey is the inscription on our grave.


Life is uncertain, but it is LIFE nonetheless.  It is a beautiful part of the journey, and through the frustration, I encourage you to celebrate.  Celebrate that the opportunity has come for you to CHOOSE.  This is a gift you have been given: to decide, to ponder, to reflect, to feel, to live.


I also encourage you to trust. Trust whatever path you choose.  Trust that you are NOT alone, and if the path you choose gets you lost, you CAN turn around.   There ARE second chances, and sometimes the detour leads you to places you never thought possible.


Sometimes the road less traveled by……… (the detoured, windy, narrow, U-turn filled path)…….makes all the difference.


So Stop. Reflect. Celebrate. Trust. The rest is up to you.  And THAT right there, is a beautiful thing.



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